Welcome to the BioChEGS new blog!
You may be a current graduate student, faculty, alumni, a friend or just curious about the great group we are and what we do. Either way, welcome!

This will be our meeting point to know about news, activities, vote for ideas, leave coments (anonymous or not) and everyone will be able to see, add photos, and much more. Our blog won't substitute the current webpage (link is part of the table on the right - Useful links). It will be a complement where we will have more space available to add information, more interactive options like adding pools and discuss on-line some ideas and more freedom to leave comments.

Add this address: http://biochegs-umbc.blogspot.com/ to your favorites!

What do you think? Is it a good idea? Leave a feedback, let us know!

BioChEGS is here because of us, for us and to improve our Grad Life! Let's take advantage of it ;)

Irina Ramos (BioChEGS's President)

Mar 14, 2008

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OR you can send an e-mail to biochegs.umbc@gmail.com

Your BioChEGS officers are curious to know what you think.


Michael said...

Wonderful site guys. Great job!!

Ben said...

Wow, great platform!

John Kim said...

Thanks Irina and BioChEGS officers for initiating this! I look forward to a fruitful activity here that will serve BioChEGS community.

Goncalo said...

Great idea and setup!

Anonymous said...

Good Site

What a wonderful way to stay connected.

Dr. Carter

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