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Irina Ramos (BioChEGS's President)

Jul 3, 2008

LinkedIn Group for UMBC CBE / BioCheGS Alumni

Check the link and join the group:

This group was created by John Kim and I am sure we all will benefict for being part of it :)

Jun 20, 2008

Congratulations ANDREIA!!!

Andreia Ribeiro is not only a great BioCheGS chair; she was selected, among several other graduate students from different UMBC Science Departments, for the WYETH Fellowship.

WYETH is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. In the summer of 2006, WYETH-UMBC partnership was created to benefit the University with annual fellowships, to promote scientists for their outstanding work as well as identify those excellent professionals as prospective WYETH employees.

To know more: (http://www.umbc.edu/research/blog/2006/06/wyeth_research_and_umbc_form_p.html)


May 18, 2008

RAFTING TRIP in the Shenandoah & Potomac Rivers

When - June 10th @ 9.30am (to start at 10am)

Where - River & Trail Outfitters (http://www.rivertrail.com/DressDirections.html)

Price - $60.74 per person
includes riverside picnic, guide in eachraft, shuttle, and equipment. All taxes and fees included.


Information about our trip

The Shenandoah, whose American Indian translation is "daughter of thestars," provides an excellent venue for an historical white water rafting trip. Travel on two rivers through three states (Maryland, West Virginia,and Virginia) on an unforgettable 2 to 4.5 hour guided tour. Raftersfloat by the historic town of Harpers Ferry while hearing stories from ourguides about events that led to the Civil War. A tasty riverside picnic is included on this introductory whitewater adventure.

Join River & Trail Outfitters on the final stretches of the ShenandoahRiver as it tumbles into the Potomac River, carving a spectacular 6.5-mile watercourse through the Blue Ridge Mountains. During periods of low water the trip is exclusively on the Potomac, coursing through a majestic watergap with a view Thomas Jefferson wrote was worth a voyage across the Atlantic. Both trips offer Class I-III whitewater made up of some mellow water, permitting splashing and floating, multiple riffles and ledges, and a variety of challenging rapids such as "Bull Falls" and "White Horse."

Our experienced guides lead your trip showing you the best routes through the rapids while entertaining you with river lore. Weather permitting, ourtrips take a break to allow you to soak up some sun and enjoy a picnic right on the river!The picnic includes, chicken wings, potato salad, humus wrap with a fewveggies (vegetarian option), watermelon and a fruit juice.

Additional Trip Information:
* All participants should arrive ½ hour prior to trip departure time.
* Waivers of Liability must be signed by all participants. Leaders of kids groups should ask to have a waiver ahead of time for parents to fill out and sign.
* Trips run rain or shine. We reserve the right to relocate or changeraft size, number of guests per craft, and length of trip due toabnormal river flow and conditions.
* You will get wet, please leave all valuables at home.
* Disposable cameras are available at our shop for trips. Groups may request a photographer with advance notice.
The Biochegs

Mar 14, 2008

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